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About Me

Full Name: Derek James Short

Gender: Male

Location: Macedon, New York, USA

Physical Disability: S.M.A. (Spinal Muscular Atrophy = Scoliosis and Muscular Dystrophy combined)

Religion/Faith: Christianity

Relationship Status: Single

Relationship Interest: Heterosexual (straight) women


— 1995-2009 Advanced Regents diploma, Palmyra-Macedon Central High School

— Fall 2009-Spring 2010 Digital Cinema, B.S., Rochester Institute of Technology (withdrew for various reasons)

— Fall 2011-Fall 2015 Computer Science, A.S., Finger Lakes Community College (graduated)


— cinephile [lover of the cinema (movies)]

— writer/editor

— comedian ("sit down" comedy, not "stand up")

— website designer and developer

— mobile application (app) designer and developer [mainly Android OS right now]

Derek Short